PTO Roles

The following description of PTO roles and duties is based on the Seneca Street PTO By-Laws.

Executive Committee


  • Prepares agenda for all meetings in cooperation with the Vice President
  • Presides at all meetings and enforces agenda
  • Coordinates work of officers and committees
  • Seeks appropriate permission from principal or school district for PTO activities involving school/school property
  • Thanks all donors and volunteers, including signed letters to major donors
  • Arranges childcare for meetings

Vice President

  • Aide to President; President may share and delegate duties with/to Vice President
  • Helps prepare agenda for all meetings
  • Performs duties of President in absence of President or inability of President to serve
  • Serves as acting President upon departure of President until a vote can take place


  • Records minutes for all meetings
  • Promptly types meeting minutes on PTO letterhead and submits to Communications Chair to upload to PTO website (within one week of PTO meeting)
  • Keeps file of all letters, reports, records pertaining to PTO
  • Keeps a list of committee appointments and volunteers, and a calendar of PTO events planned for the year
  • Provides meeting minutes, school policies, and by-laws to any PTO member on request


  • Receives all monies of the organization
  • Keeps an accurate record of receipts and expenditures
  • Pays out funds in accordance with the approved budget as authorized by the PTO
  • Reimburses pre-approved purchases (sales tax excluded) promptly. Purchaser must provide receipt.
  • Presents a detailed financial statement at every meeting
  • Makes a full financial report at the June meeting
  • Expenditures over $5,000 require two authorized signatures

Special Committees

Special Committees may be established as needed by the Executive Committee to focus on specific PTO-related activities.

Committee Chairs (General)

  • Appointed as necessary by the Executive Committee
  • Communicates closely with the President and Vice President
  • Presents plans of the committee to the PTO members
  • Seeks and coordinates committee volunteers as needed
  • Seeks pre-approval from Executive Committee for any related expenditures

Communications Committee Chair

  • Manages PTO email account and forwards messages to appropriate board member as needed
  • Updates PTO calendar
  • Updates and monitors PTO Facebook page and linked Facebook groups
  • Updates PTO website, including timely posting of meeting minutes
  • Supports board members and committees by creating paper communications (letters, forms, flyers) to parents
  • Maintains PTO e-mail list
  • Collects school directory data and inputs information
  • Prints or copies paper communications and distributes as appropriate

Box Tops Committee Chair

  • Collects Box Tops for Education, counts, and submits by mail
  • Determines collection methods within school and in the community
  • Plans school contests and rewards
  • Plans communications to parents

Popcorn Committee Chair

  • Plans popcorn dates in advance
  • Determines popcorn pricing
  • Orders supplies or refers order to Treasurer
  • Ensures that popcorn machine is in good working order and properly cleaned
  • Coordinates popcorn volunteers