Upcoming Vote

Dear Seneca Street Families,

In October our President, Colleen Kahler, stepped down to focus more time on her family. We are grateful to Colleen for her time and effort as a PTO officer. We will hold a vote to fill the position of President at our next PTO meeting scheduled for Wednesday, December 5th at 6:00 p.m. in the school library.

Two parents have expressed interest in filling the position. We hope you will attend the meeting to help select the next president. The candidates submitted the following statements.

Melisa Mannix:

Hello. I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I am Melisa Mannix. My son, Caleb, is a kindergarten student in Mrs. Rodegher’s class. I am running for PTO President.

I feel very passionate that our children learn by example and through hands-on activities. They should learn to help each other and be kind to one another. I feel that our PTO has a great opportunity to show our children how to do just that.

Through fundraisers our children will learn how to support each other and work together toward a common goal. They will learn that hard work and perseverance will get them far in life. The money that the PTO raises goes to fund assemblies for our children. These assemblies are great opportunities for our children to learn about kindness, anti-bullying, and other life lessons.

I think it is important for parents and teachers to have a voice and to be able to have a say in what their children learn and participate in. I would hope that we can all collaborate and make this PTO a great organization. As President of PTO I hope to support our parents, teachers, and the school in our continued efforts to promote the growth and development of our children in their home, school and community.

Mike Hudson:

The reason I am running for PTO President is to establish a Dad presence to create a more diversified board. I will strive to provide the best environment for the children, parents and staff.

My goal is to bring cohesiveness to the teachers and parents through interactive meetings and communication, with an emphasis on parent involvement. Manage friction within the board through individual empowerment and collaboration.

I believe in identifying strengths in individuals and helping them to succeed.

Mike Hudson

Your voice and your vote matter, and we hope to see you on December 5th. As always, free child care will be available.

Thank you for your support,
The Seneca Street PTO